What Is Life Worth?


It happens to everyone at least once. Eventually. If every one dies, how much is life worth? How many lives can be lost to a event/product/problem before it is a Big deal. What is life worth? I heard this question today and I can honestly say; there is no price on life.

On average, The human life span is approximately 79 years. Holy crap! 79 years! That is forever! But is it? One of my supervisors opened my eyes to this in a way that makes me forever grateful.


This is a link to a website that has a 90 year calendar. I am 20 years old. If I live till 80, I only have 60 more Christmas, Birthdays. If I have a family reunion every other year, I only have 30 more. And that is running the chance that I make it till 80 years old. If I die at 60? I’m loosing valuable time. This year was the first Christmas my daughter was old enough to participate. By damn, I hope I never miss a single Christmas with her in it. Print out the chart on the website and color in some blocks. It will make you think about how little time you really have left. Can you put a price on every precious memory?

I have heard an argument of “he isn’t worth X amount of dollars because he only makes X amount of dollars a year and he is Y old.” Ok. Maybe. What about your kids? Are your kids value attached to you? Future grand kids. Great grand kids. Put a dollar amount on posterity. I dare you to try. You can’t. There is no possible way to do it. If my wife died today… I can not even imagine the impact that would have on me. If my child died, My entire life would be spent wondering about all the possibilities.

There is no acceptable price on life. Everyone is someone. Everyone is someones child. Many people are parents, Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles. I do not think that any ones life should be weighed as a possibility. Talk to anyone who has lost a family member. I can almost guarantee they would trade anything to have that someone back.

Life is valuable. Cherish it. Love it. Enjoy it. Live it.



Sorry this is kind of short. Comment any opinions you have!

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