Perspectives on Life

Perspectives on life and working with others, and what matters most

Have you seen the classic image of 2 people pointing at a number, one way it looks like a 6, and one way it looks like a 9. This is a classic example of why understanding what someone is looking at, and why they believe what they do, is so important to getting along. People get set in a specific train of thought biased of a number of factors; IE. the environment, peers views, leaders views, personal experience, parents, etc.

Knowing and understanding some one’s perspective can be critical in working with them. If someone is strongly passionate about their perspective, and you are passionately arguing with them, stop trying to fight your side. You know your side of things, learn his or her opinion on it. Learn why he or she thinks the way they do. Take time to listen. Maybe they persuade you, if not, ask them to hear out your case, and maybe even explain why you feel the way you do. This is my favorite part. After or during any drawn out argument ask yourself Is It Worth It? Is the argument or quarrel you are having worth 1.) The dollar amount of time you both are investing in this 2.) Is this battle going to affect the professional status you want with this individual?

The most interesting aspect of perspective is how it can affect the views of others. If person 1 constantly badmouths and degrades person 3’s Image to person 2, When person 2 meets 3, There will be an internal conflict of their perspective to that person. This can make it very difficult to make honest opinions of others you may have heard about, but are meeting for the first time.


Can perspectives change? Oh yeah. I heard a story I have been waiting to share. A lady whom I have a TON of respect for at my company, told me a little about her life. She grew up a neat freak. Everything had a place, and there was no place for a mess. She drove a bright red car, her, and her husband, had built together. She hand waxed this car on an extremely regular basis. She made sure perfection was in everything she did. This was how she acted most of her life. Next thing you know, cancer struck. Cancer. One of the most life changing acts of god in the world. After being faced with potentially dying, her perspective changed. She is still extremely neat and clean, but she told me ” It didn’t bug me anymore” She still wanted everything perfect but if it didn’t happen, oh well, She realized that there were more important things. She no longer would jump at any mess and be irritated with clutter and disorder.

When at work, there are often times I have to focus so specifically on all the negative things on my job site. When I am doing quality control walks, I honestly don’t even care about the positive and good things all around me. This, I felt, has become an issue I am struggling with constantly. My perspective on life is becoming a more negative view. Another problem that I have seen arise from this type of negative perspective; it is extremely hard to take pride in a finished product. I still mentally pick it apart.

What I am trying to do to be positive; I am trying to look at all the happy things all around me. I know it sounds cheesy but I am going to try really hard to appreciate everything I can. Look at the good, thank people for doing good.

Perspective is such an unknowingly powerful aspect of life. Perspectives change EVERYTHING. Your point of view is changed on a second by second basis. Every second your brain processes information it changes something in your mind, good or bad.



Thank you to everyone who reads and follows my posts!


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