Birds in the Morning

This Saturday I heard something I have not heard in a long time; Birds in the morning.

Everyday I get up around 3 or 4 A.M., before the birds even wake up, and by 7:00-7:30 I am on my job site listening to all the noises associated with construction. I leave from there and then I am in a class room until 8:00-9:00 PM at night. I literally could not remember the last time I had heard birds singing.

Hearing the birds took me way back to my child hood:

I remember spending my summers down on the farm, Getting up early (7-8) to feed the baby cows, or joining my grandpa on the tractors. I remember the smell of the fresh morning air, I remember the breeze blowing through the grass, rustling the leaves of the nearby tree, the sound of the tractor in a field, miles away. I remember the sound of my waterproof boots scraping across the gravel road. I remember the song of what I believe was a yellow canary; I whistled the tune of the birds song over and over again. I remember hundreds of birds singing in the trees near the house.

Back to the present, all these memories from just the song of birds in a nearby tree. I sat down on the steps to my porch and just reminisced. It was so odd to think that the song of birds would cause such a flood of memories. But I didn’t mind, the memories of my childhood are a time where my current stress of work, bills, and life, just don’t exist.

The more I got thinking about how nice the memories were, I got thinking about how such little and simple things can make me so happy.

  • A random smile from a stranger.
  • The look my wife gives me right before she tells me she loves me, The way she cocks her head slightly to a side and has a faint smile that is more in her eyes then her lips.
  • Random conversations about life with people you would have never imagined any kind of drawn out conversation with.
  • Slipping into bed at nights.
  • Chocolate- need I say more?
  • The sound or feeling of music with some deep base.
  • Listening to the uncontrollable laughter of my baby girl.
  • The few and random times my darling daughter cuddles up to me.
  • The smell of a rose.
  • Hundreds of little random things that make me giggle or laugh or just smile to yourself.

Every event that goes by that feels me with joy, makes me wonder what other little things I am missing every day without ever knowing it. Am I missing these events everyday? Am I taking time to slow down and recognize when these moments pass me by???

My company has a saying of “we envision big by stating small.” The birds singing this Saturday morning was the small little spark that I needed to get me going. I need to start doing everything I can to appreciate the small things, and to get my self in a place where I can catch these tender moments. I think every single person in the world is busy, just to survive now-a-days, you have to be busy. Because we are so busy, is why we need to slow down, take a breath of fresh air, and realize there is more than the here and now, there is a tomorrow.  Don’t burn yourself out on today. Take today to appreciate everything around you.

So simple right? It was just a bunch of birds. There was nothing special about it. Maybe the songbirds aren’t that special to you, but I beg of every single one of you to find something that is special to you. One of the little things that remind you of a happy memory, or it makes you smile. Find some little things that can bring you some joy in life.

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