My thoughts of the day/ last week.

Everything you do/ experience will leave you with some type of feeling. Laying down on a soft warm bed will leave you with happy little shivers racing through your body. Where as stepping on a lego…. will leave you in excruciating agonizing pain that you aren’t sure will ever go away.

Pain I think is one of the strongest motivators/ demotivators. I believe everyone experiences relatively similar levels of pain, but the tolerance in which we handle it is more or less. Today I had a gentleman tell me that he wasn’t on the site yesterday because he was sick. (Note, right now I am sick with an extremely painful head cold, raspy rough voice because my throat is so raw and sore, I don’t feel good, and I definitely don’t want to be at work.) He tells me that he had a really bad cold and just had to take a sick day. In my opinion, no “really bad head cold” will go away in one sick day. I have so much going on at work from day to day that missing a day is a huge deal. I am still working on fixing a mistake that was made while I was gone for a single day in two months ago. So to miss a day of work because of a head cold… I wasn’t impressed.

There is a certain amount of mental toughness that I think certain people have and some never will. There are many, many days I wake up in pain, and I go to bed in pain. When I wake up, I am tired, sore, and my feet scream at me, sore from the day previous. When I go to bed my body is so beaten and stiff from the days work it is hard to be comfortable. This is daily pain that I go through just to get from day to day and provide for my family. I don’t want to be in pain. There are days that I wish I didn’t have to work so many hours and that I could just be a millionaire with out any effort. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

The more I have been going to the gym, the more I have noticed that I am getting stronger, and able to lift more weight. I do notice though, the heavy weight is still heavy. 10 pounds feels like 10 pounds, 100 pounds feels like 100 pounds. I can lift the heavier weight, but it does require effort. I was watching some videos of dead lifting today; I watched this guy dead lift over 1000 pounds, as he was about half way up his nose started bleeding,  he was shaking an struggling and the higher he lifted the weight the more blood came spraying out of his nose. I do not ever recommend lifting in that manner, but there is something to be said about the toughness that guy had to keep going a his head was literally exploding.

I believe that the people that are able to withstand pain, in all its forms, will go a long way. The successful billionaires that spent late nights and early mornings building their companies. The athletes training, the actors dedication to diets. Dieting isn’t easy. Exercise isn’t easy. Life is full of pain. You can plan on it. You can also prepare for it. Build your mental toughness so that you can do what needs to be done.

Pain is a necessary evil of success. The more pain you can handle, and the more you can manage, will give you a lot of results in the long run.

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