When You Fail, Try Again

Embarrassing story time!!! I have been wanting to up my squat after I saw an individual squatting 700 pounds. He would squat to a seat, sit for a second, and then stood back up. I made a personal goal to squat 400 pounds by the end of the year (this was around January time.) When I made this goal I was squatting around 200 pounds. I decided it was definitely time to change that number. I spent almost 2 months building to this moment. Fast forward to last Monday; I get in the gym and start warming up shoulders. I love to do shoulder warm ups every single time I workout, it helps keep me loose and it gives me a peace of mind that I won’t have to worry about a shoulder injury. Anyways, I get over to the squat rack, and start on my warm up set. My warm up set consist of a 55 pound Olympic bar, with no extra weights. After 12 reps of that I jump up to a 25 pound plate on each side; 95 pounds, and run that weight another 12 times. I repeat that process with the same amount of reps with 145 pounds, 195, 235, 285, 315. Now, this is where the not-so-fun-but-really-funny-for-everybody-else begins. I load up another 50 pounds. 385 pounds. 385. Three hundred and eighty five pounds. I just did twelve reps on my last set so I was extremely confident I could get 6 reps. Oh I could not have been more wrong… Because of my confidence, I was so certain I didn’t need any safety bars. I get the weight off the rack and situated on my shoulders. 1 rep. 2 rep. 3 rep. 4 rep, a this point I am definitely feeling the weight, but I still got this. Rep 5, a little shaky, but I just did twelve, I can do this! Rep 6….. This entire rep went in slow motion. On my way back up I feel a lot of pressure in my knees, so I kind of adjust my body weight which subsequently put a lot more unexpected weight on my back. This is the exact moment where everything goes south, literally. I feel the weight on my shoulder driving me towards the ground, all. the. way. to. the. ground. I feel an exploding amount of pain in my neck and my forehead. Everything goes black for a second and I come back to sitting on my but, still trying to figure out how this just happened. I look around and everyone is just staring at me. Just staring. Super embarrassing as I lay on the ground next to a bar loaded up with 385 pounds. My entire body, back, neck, and forehead hurt soooooooo bad for the entire next week.


Week and a half later. Today I was prepared. I told myself I was going to do the weight that fell on me. I had to do it. I started with the same weight pattern, but this time doing only 8 reps. 55 pounds, 95, 145, 195, At this point I decided I should probably be a little more careful. I told myself earlier that once I hit 200 pounds, I would be a little safer. I started wrapping my knees with sports wrap and even put on my weight lifting belt and set up safety bars. I also dropped to 6 reps per set. 235 pounds, 285 pounds, 325 pounds. 370pounds, this was the moment. I have been waiting for this moment. I rep out 7 reps, just for an internal haha at myself. At this point I am walking around like a rooster that just got out of his cage. I thought, I can do more. But I was going to take it slower this time. 380, 390 400 405. I performed 6 reps at 405 pounds. I was ecstatic. I had set my goal for the end of the year. And here I was, breaking my goal by April!

Moral of the story is, don’t give up. I could have taken off two or three weeks, my body hurt bad enough I could justify it. But I didn’t. I went ahead and stepped up my game and pushed for a goal that I really wanted. And today I got it. Part two moral of the story: Don’t be stupid. Use the safety precautions designed to keep you lifting another day.

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