Does Social Media Control Your Life?

I heard an interesting statement I wanted to expand upon. ” My husband and I deleted all of our social media and I am so much happier. I am happier because, I’m not comparing myself to other people. There are people that can run marathons and I can only run for five minutes, there are people with kids that know their entire alphabet and my kid can barely say mom and dad”  There were many other analogies as to why she felt inferior to other people on social media, but I feel you get the gist of her point.

Is social media something you should abandon for this reason? Here is my opinion on the matter.

Social Media and Self Imagine

Can social media affect your personal view on yourself? Absolutely, but is social media bad for that reason? Absolutely not!!!

I follow a lot of super healthy fitness gurus on social media and I constantly search for new fitness people to follow.  I am nowhere close to even close to the size of some of the great body builders I follow. I’m not even close to the average bodybuilder. I see average bodybuilders on my social media feeds all the time, all these average guys that are still on a whole other level than I am. On social media I see people who are better fathers, better husbands, better athletes, richer, and just plain better than me at every single interest that I have.

Sometimes, I let all this get to me, “I’m not even close to being the best so why should I even try?” Here is why; I want to be better. I know I’m not the best at anything, and I have a fairly good Idea I probably will never reach the top. But when I log onto my social medias, a fire is lit inside me because I want to do what everyone else is doing. I want to do everything I possibly can to be the best I can. Logging onto social media is just a reminder of what I am striving to be.

I get on Facebook today and the first thing I see is a photo of Kai Greene. I look over at the mirror. I have been training for years and I still don’t look like him. And that’s okay! You know what I did? I studied up on his workout and training plan. He is obviously better than I am. Why not learn from him?

Instead of getting on social media and thinking woe is me because I am not as good as everyone else is, look at what they are doing to get to where they are. When you get on and see that perfect mom on Facebook, instead of thinking you aren’t as good, talk to them. Shoot them a message, ask them how they can manage all the things they do. When there is another kid, the same age as your kid, that is reading better or is smarter than your kid; ask that person what they are doing to help get their kid to be so smart. You can always learn something from some one, you just need to ask.

Let go of your pride or ego or whatever is stopping you from learning what you need to learn to be better. If you think you are perfect, you will never grow. You need to accept the fact that you are not perfect and find as much information as you can to help you to try and be perfect. I look at the fact that the top bodybuilders in the world, very rarely win consecutively. If you ever get to the top, watch out, there are hungry wolves all around you ready to climb above you.

Social media being a waste of time

If someone isn’t careful, they can burn up a lot of time on social medias. It happens to me a lot, I get onto face book, I scroll through all the posts and I get to the last post I remember seeing and I refresh and do it all again. It is very easy to fall into the never ending scrolling trap. Be mindful that nothing you do on Facebook will change your life or anyone else’s life. If you want to change where you’re at in life, spend less time on social medias. Find something that you can do in your down time to be a better person.

My wife and I have an opinion that sometimes we need a little bit of a mental break. At the end of the day we just want to spend a few minutes not having to worry about all of the problems we have swirling around us. There are several times at work, when I am working 10+ hour days, I just need a minute to myself. I generally get everything set up so I am waiting on something else ( I never want to be the one holding up progress) and then I pull my phone out and scroll through some recent news articles, or my Facebook feed, or even my personal emails. A lot of times if I have a long distance I have to walk I’ll pull out my phone for a minute as I am walking to and fro. By doing this I get a little mental refresher and I can jump back into what I was doing with a little more motivation than I might have had a minute before that point in time. This is intended to be a quick break, 2 minutes tops, and cannot interfere with the work production.

If spending time of Facebook, or Twitter, etc, is taking up so much of your time you can’t keep up with the important things in life, you have an issue, and you need to really evaluate what is important in life. If you truly know what matters the most in life, you will never have an issue with something meaningless taking up to much of your time.


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