Hobbies and Happiness

Here is a list of some of my favorite hobbies/ activities/ just random things that make me happy.

I haven’t done many of the things on this list for such a long time, but I do wish I can do a few of these a little more often.


  • Despite me being a project foreman and spending 90% of my time in the construction field, I still love to build things. This Sunday I built a little cardboard fort for my baby girl. She was able to climb in it and put her toys in there, It was super cute watching her enjoy something I had thrown together so quick. I love working in my basement, framing walls, doing finish work, any hands on trade. It is super fun to build when I don’t have some kind of deadline that I have to meet. My next goal is to build a wall mounted safe disguised as a photo graph…. Stay tuned!

Automotive work

  • Working on cars is not always my favorite, but when I am working on a vehicle I don’t need to worry about driving for a while… I love it! There is nothing more satisfying than starting to work on a car with a problem and walking away knowing that you fixed it!


  • This is something that I have not done in so long, and part of me is scared I won’t be able to anymore. I used to love breaking out the oil paints and burning up hours working on a painting. Feeling the pencil scratch across paper as something you are creating in your head comes to life. I used to love replicating landscapes. Mountains and lakes type of paintings. I had a couple of good ones that turned out really well that I don’t think I could possibly ever part with. I’m not super good at painting or drawing, But I do thoroughly enjoy mixing up some paint and spreading it on a canvas.

Leather working

  • This is one that I have not done in soooooo long it makes me sad. Back in highschool I had an entire leather making kit and I made myself a belt, a wallet, and all sorts of stupid little trinkets that dint serve any purpose… But it made me feel good inside when I looked at it after!

The Gym

  • This is one of my most favorite hobbies at this point in my life. I want to be a huge bodybuilder. When I go to the gym and workout real hard I can almost see myself where I want to be.  I Love to go to the gym and get a super good sweat going. I love feeling the burn in my muscles. I love the feeling of being strong, strong mentally to have the will power to do the things I need to do and strong physically to do pretty much anything I want to do.


  • Reading is another thing that I have not done in such a long time, but I wish I would push myself more to read. I love reading and used to read alllllll the time. My favorite books are more fictional( an escape from my everyday life) but I love learning from educational books.

Driving down the freeway with the window down

  • After being in a Utah winter for the last few months, driving down the free way with the window down felt sooooo good. I love the wind in my hair, the music blaring as loud as it can go. That kind of a moment gives me this little happy feeling inside.


  • I don’t have much time to get into nature, but there is nothing I love more than a pretty sunset, or a nap in the woods with the wind rustling the trees above a little bit of sunlight dancing on my face. The long wild grass creating a nice little cushion to lay on. ahhhhh so nice.

My wife

  • She is definitely a hobby of mine, if you know what I mean. Ha Ha, all inappropriate jokes aside, I can’t put to words how happy my wife makes me. I love her more than I can even understand. I love all that my wife does for me, despite anything else she has going. My wife is so fantastic to put me first. I hope my wife reads this and knows just how much I love her. She is an amazing mother and It is such an amazing adventure with her every week.

My daughter

  • My daughter is my little bundle of joy and happiness. There are times she is such an extreme pain in the butt. There are also times that I just pick her up and hold her as she lays her head on my shoulder. I softly squeeze her and I get all these happy little butterflies reaffirming just how much I love her.


  • I love food. I love food so so so very much. It takes extreme discipline to stop eating chocolate when I am on a chocolate eating roll. I love cookies, I love brownies, I love anything that has sugar in it. If my goal to try and be a bodybuilder wasn’t so strong, than I would for certain be 800 pounds stuffing my face full of chocolate.


  • I absolutely love listening to music. I love almost all music. I am sure my friends on facebook all hate me for how many videos I share about Five finger Death Punch. ( my current favorite band). I love my music loud to. No matter what I am doing I love my music as loud as it can possibly go. In my opinion, there is no such thing as back ground music.


To all the family that is probably reading this, No I have not spell checked or proof read this. So cut me a break this time 😉


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